1. Sediment Pre-Filter – removes silt, sediment, sand, and other particles

2. Carbon pre-Filter – traps minerals and contaminants such as chromium, mercury, copper, chlorine, chloramines and pesticides.

3. RO Membrane Membrane – 75 GPD Thin Film Composite membrane allows only clean water to pass through the small pores. Impurities are trapped and flushed to drain. Treated water is then sent to a storage tank.

4. Carbon Post-Filter – Water passes through another carbon filter after leaving the storage tank to give the water a final polish.


• Bottled water quality on tap

• Drink more water, less pop

• Stay properly hydrated

• No lugging heavy bottles

• More economical than bottled water

• Remove impurities as small as an atom!

• Remove bad tastes and odors caused from chlorine and organics.

• Perfect for soup, juices, coffee & tea, ice cubes and plants.


• Heavy duty glass filled polypropylene construction provides double the strength, toughness & durability compared to most other RO’s which are typically constructed with ABS.

• TFC 75 GPD reverse osmosis membrane provides up to 99% Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) rejection

• Pre-filters 10″ five (5) micron Spun Polypropylene Sediment Cartridge and 10″ Activated Carbon Cartridge

• Post filter: 10″ Activated Carbon Cartridge • Non air gap chrome plated faucet

• 3.0 Gallon NSF Certified plastic storage tank

• 3/8″ outlet tubing for higher flows

• Automatic shut-off valve

• Exclusive serviceable check valve eliminates spring ‘chatter’ noise common in other RO’s

• Quick connect fittings for ease of installation

• Powder coated bracket

• Dual purpose wrench for use on membrane cap and filter housing

• Dimensions: • 15.0″w x 14.5″h x 6.1″d No Pump

• 15.0″w x 17.7″h x 6.9″d Pump Model



• Pump mounted on RO to maintain constant water pressure

• Raises water pressure to ideal level for maximum efficiency

• Use on rural supplies with low pressure or high TDS

• Exclusive Auto Flush feature extends membrane life

• Self-priming and whisper quiet

• 24VAC transformer (included) from a standard 120VAC electrical outlet

• Flexible mounting plate, quick connect fittings and pressure shut-off switch

• Max Operating Pressure = 100 PSIG (689 kPa)

• At stated service flow rates the pressure drop through these devices will not exceed 15 PSIG