Why Rent? Iron Filters / Water Softeners / Drinking Systems

  • Free Professional Install
  • Service Included, never pay service fees/travel fees
  • 3 Free Months
  • 7 year minimum commitment
  • Tax Exemption with Treaty Number
  • No more iron stains or smells
  • No more spots on glasses, mirrors, sinks
  • Softener clothes, skin, hair
  • Never buy bottled water again
  • Never worry about repair bills on equipment


Rental Starting at $24.99 + taxes/month

  • No More Winnipeg Brown Water
  • Reduces Chlorine
  • Softens Water
  • Reduces Fluoride
  • Reduces Cost of Hot Water Heater Operation
  • Reduces Amount of Cleaners Needed (Laundry Soap, Shampoo and Body Wash, Household Cleaners, etc.)
  • No Cost Services Calls
  • Extends Life of Hot Water Heater
  • Helps with Eczema
  • No Repairs